Air Freshner

Smells are everywhere in our home and sometimes they arent too fresh. What to do with a kitchen that smells like its full of fish and garlic? And needless to mention, a bathroom that doesnt smell like a bouquet of roses? Before reaching for an air freshener that may contain potentially harmful ingredients to you and the planet, take a deep breath and consider using our pure natural floral air freshners.

  • Available Air Freshner:
  • Mogra Air Freshner
    Chameli Air Freshner
    Rose Air Freshner

Car Freshner

If you’re looking for a car air freshener that looks like the traditional pine tree (but doesn’t have all the toxic fragrance) try our organic car freshner product range. It combines felt and essential oils for a fresh, lasting scent.

  • Available Car Freshner:
  • Hanging Lemon Grass Car Freshner
    Chandan Car Freshner
    Rose Car Freshner
    Mogra Car Freshner